Kamu tidak Perlu Berpura-pura, Yesus mengasihimu apa adanya.

24 Nov

You Don’t Have to Pretend

Psalm 69:5 (NIV) You, God, know my folly; my guilt is not hidden from you.

We’re foolish when we do something wrong and then try to sneak it past God, to stuff it in a closet and lock the door. The truth is, God even knows what’s behind the locked door.

Everything you think, everything you see, everything you do, everything you feel — God knows all about it. He already knows all you’ve done wrong and He still loves you!

You’re not fooling God when you keep your sins hidden. He’s not shocked by your sin and not surprised when you admit it to Him. Confessing you sin will never change the way He feels about you!

He loves you unconditionally, and that means you don’t have to fake it; you don’t have to pretend.


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